“All Dressed in White”
Oil on panel
12 x 16 in.
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Leah Lopez is a devoted New York artist, painting between 4 to 12 hours a day. Her efforts are widely rewarded by the extraordinary oil paintings she produces. Often compared to the Dutch masters, Lopez brings emotion and sensitivity to the still life’s she creates. Working from her beautiful Union Square Studio, she delights us and captivates us with deep rich color and brightly lit objects that seem to emerge out of darkness.
“I’ve always been an explorer and a seeker, these experiences serve as inspiration for my paintings.”
Leah Lopez plays with light to lure her viewers into her delicate pieces. Her compositions dance the eye to explore every part of the artwork. Be it carefully rendered porcelain, brass, cloth, fruit or glass, a Lopez’s still life is unforgettable. Once drawn into her romantic spell, it is clear that her passion for color and value translate into an emotional creation that touches the soul.
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