Opening this weekend at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery is a major exhibition that explores the country’s fascination with Italy during the 18th century.
Don’t we all have a fascination with Italy —its people, food, and art? Times haven’t changed much in this regard, and a monumental exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery seeks to explore the nation’s fascination with Italy during the 18th century. “Scots in Italy: Artists and Adventurers” will showcase an outstanding selection of works from across the National Galleries of Scotland and highlight the experiences of numerous wealthy individuals lucky enough to have travelled to the Mediterranean peninsula.
In addition to magnificent paintings, the exhibition includes sculptures, drawings, and prints that document the impact Italy had on well-to-do Scots and their celebration of Classicism. “In addition,” the gallery states, “it reveals the close social, personal and professional networks that emerged around key figures. Bonded by common loyalties, experiences and family connections, the Scots who travelled to Italy in this period formed a remarkably tight-knit and supportive group.”
“Scots in Italy: Artists and Adventurers” opens on March 5 and will be on view through March 3, 2019. To learn more, visit the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.
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