Coming soon to Denver’s esteemed Gallery 1261 is a fresh survey of city and landscape works from an eclectic range of artists. Want to learn more?
Denver’s Gallery 1261 is poised to open its latest group exhibition on March 25, featuring 21 of the country’s most accomplished artists. Titled “Spaces,” the show is a fresh survey of city and landscape works, each displaying the artists’ unique style and aesthetic approach.

David Grossmann, “Moon and Distant City Lights,” oil on canvas, 24 x 14 in. (c) Gallery 1261 2016

The gallery writes, “The ways in which we perceive our environments are based on numerous factors. Our personal backgrounds shape us and in turn help create those idiosyncrasies that make us individuals. They finely tune how we interpret the world around us. These notions are exemplified through the myriad of different styles of paintings that are on display in this exhibition. Each one distinct from the next, the aspects of one city or outdoor scene that catches the eye of one artist may be completely different from that of another. What ’Spaces’ presents is not only a wide range of subject matter but more importantly, a wide range of points of view. Each of these artists has created a work that exposes the viewer to a snapshot of their perspective. The title of the exhibition serves to add to this notion as well. While the term Spaces may on the surface seem generalized, on a deeper level it speaks to those specific places that captivate and engage both the artist and viewer, resulting in an exhibition that is sure to delight and inspire.”
“Spaces” will open on March 25 and be on view through April 23. To learn more, visit Gallery 1261. 
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