Thirty of the top female painters in the state of Kansas were selected for an outstanding exhibition opportunity at the Coutts Museum of Art. Details here!
On May 2, The Coutts Museum of Art in El Dorado, Kansas, was overjoyed to host an opening reception for “30 Women Paint Kansas,” which, as its title suggests, features 30 female artists living in the state of Kansas. Museum executive director Rod Seel said, “Kansas has so many talented artists, but particularly female artists. I wanted to put together an exhibit that showcased the wonderful female painters we have in the state, as well as highlight the beauty of Kansas. This show does that, with a wonderful collection of talented painters.”

Kristin Goering, “August Evening,” oil, 36 x 24 in. (c) The Coutts Museum of Art 2016

As exciting is the fact that many of the works on view will be available for purchase at incredibly reasonable prices, ranging anywhere from $500 to $6,000. Among the artists included in the exhibition are Kaye Abbott, Donna Aldridge, Margaret Buie, Donna Carrington, Kim Casebeer, Deb Clemente, Becky Drager, Kristin Goering, Dale Allison Hartley, Dana Hassett , Elaine Lierly Jones, Cally Krallman, Judith Mackey, Mary Binford Miller, Cher Heller Olson, Barbara Waterman Peters, Beverly Dodge Radefield, Susan Rose, Deb Schroer, Barbara Stecklein, Cristine Sundquist, Ellen Sweeney, Jean Terry, Ann Trusty, Debbie Wagner, Diana Werts, and Nancy Whitaker.

Judith Mackey, “Spirit of Holiness,” oil, 36 x 48 in. (c) The Coutts Museum of Art 2016

“30 Women Paint Kansas” will grace the walls of the Coutts Museum through July 2. To learn more, visit The Coutts Museum of Art.
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