A captivating group exhibition of four accomplished artists heads to RJD Gallery in Sag Harbor, New York, this month. Featuring multi-dimensional works, exquisite oils, and more, there will surely be something for everyone to enjoy.
Magnetic works from Amanda Bellino, Anthony D’Avino, Miles Jaffe, and Sarupa Sidaarth will fill the walls of RJD Gallery in New York during May. Each artist presents a unique creative vision that will offer visitors a diverse range of subjects, styles, and techniques.

Miles Jaffe, “Primary Colors — Triptych,” metal, polymer, pigment, 44 x 36 x 8 in. (c) RJD Gallery 2016

Born in Peru but educated at Parsons in New York, Amanda Bellino incorporates sand, mortar, and paint to create unique three-dimensional sculpted “paintings.” Seeking to transport viewers to a place of serenity, Bellino’s works focus on texture, animals, and Buddhas to achieve these goals. Anthony D’Avino’s paintings are very different from Bellino’s but equally compelling. Focusing on “the golden age of toys” and the artist’s own collection of antiques, D’Avino’s current body of work showcased in the exhibition features playful subjects that celebrate Americana, rendered with skillful verisimilitude.

Anthony D’Avino, “Glitter Gulch,” oil on canvas, 44 x 66 in. (c) RJD Gallery 2016

Bordering on the photographic are the works of Miles Jaffe. The exhibition will feature Jaffe’s recent “Artists’ Color” series, which displays paint tubes meant to explore the relationship between pop culture, the artist, and his medium. Rounding out the exhibition are Sarupa Sidaarth’s hypnotic artworks. The gallery suggests, “through her artistic process, using acrylic and metallic circular elements, she creates an imaginative response to conflict by transforming images that reference social issues into moments of transcendence on the canvas. In pursuit of a language that is less borrowed, she experiments with techniques of painting on compositions that hover between abstraction and representation.”

Sarupa Sidaarth, “I,” acrylic on canvas, 20 x 20 in. (c) RJD Gallery 2016

“The ART of Discovery” opens on Saturday May 14 and will be on display until June 12. To learn more, visit RJD Gallery.
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