Recognize these names? The expressive, cutting-edge, and beautiful works by these three outstanding painters feature during a group exhibition in Boston.
Opening May 13 at Boston’s Sloane Merrill Gallery is a tantalizing group exhibition of three talented painters, each showcasing his unique individual style and handling of paint. Among the three included is artist Danny McCaw, whose pictures vary between figuration and abstraction, history and imagination, past and present. He writes, “My work is in a constant state of evolution, through an intense internal search to leave myself and the viewer infused with ambiguity and questions. Building a visual language inspired by a wide range of sources that merge into a complex fusion of materials and gestures through personal and collective experiences.”

Danny McCaw, “Red Square,” oil on panel, 16 x 12 in. (c) Danny McCaw 2016

Equally stunning are Terry Miura’s lush landscape paintings. Exploring the relationships among memory, emotions, identity, and more, Miura’s landscapes are representative of a specific space or location, but “are found in my and the viewer’s memories,” the artist says. “Not out there in the physical world.” Miura’s website notes, “Emotion and abstraction carries over to his figurative works. It is in this genre that Miura finds the most personal expression.”

Matthew Saba, “Haunt and Hunger,” 2015, oil, 24 x 17 3/4 in. (c) Matthew Saba 2016

Last but certainly not least, viewers will experience the works of Matthew Saba, a contemporary fine artist from Denver, Colorado. Through his use of thick strokes of the palette knife, Saba is “obsessed with the frailty of light and the texture of paint,” as he says. “I’ve devoted most of my twenties to hunting down aesthetics, narrative, and voice.”
“Three Man Show” opens at Sloane Merrill Gallery on May 13. To learn more, visit Sloane Merrill Gallery.
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