This magnetic sculpture was recently honored as the best of 2015-2016 by one of the world’s most prestigious art academies.
As one of the most renowned academies in the world, the Florence Academy of Art is constantly producing top artistic talent, year in and year out. Each year, the institution selects a student work as the year’s best; for 2015-2016, Mathias Bader has earned top honors for his compelling life-sized sculpture “Fulco.” Sculpted from clay, upon first glance it’s hard to believe the figure isn’t alive. Bader clearly has an eye for detail as each fold of skin, vein, and wrinkle is captured with mastery.
Originally from Zürich, Switzerland, Bader is currently a third-year student in the sculpture program. To view more exceptional student works from 2015-2016, visit The Florence Academy.
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