In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and features of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: John William Godward, “A Cool Retreat.”
Works by the supremely talented Victorian Neo-Classicist painter John William Godward (1861-1922) headline a major sale at Sotheby’s this week in London. The artist was born in Wilton Grove, Wimbledon, but his family disapproved of his chosen profession, eventually cutting off all contact. A follower of Frederic Leighton, Godward established a reputation for his images featuring women in classical dress — often posed within marble interiors or lush pastoral landscapes.
Godward’s paintings are remarkable for their attention to detail, both historical and aesthetic. Often displaying exotic furs, animals, plant life, and a wide variety of textiles, many of the artist’s works are a tour de force of vibrant color, texture, anatomy, and composition.
Headlining Sotheby’s July 14 “Victorian, Pre-Raphaelite & British Impressionist” sale are two remarkable originals from Godward, including “A Cool Retreat.” Typical of the artist’s oeuvre, the viewer is presented with a beautifully rendered female figure who reclines next to an outdoor fountain. Classically clad, the figure rests on a black fur while a few pigeons waddle about the scene. A serene calm overcomes the subject’s face, which is also blushing. Every fold and detail of the fabrics and textiles are included in the work. At distance we find a faint landscape beyond the doorway. Auction estimates for this beautiful painting are between $500,000 and $650,000.
To view the full catalogue, visit Sotheby’s.
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