A moving exhibition is scheduled to open at New York City’s Flowers Gallery next month featuring the incredibly veristic and emotionally powerful portraits of an ascending British painter.
Precision and detail are design features that some choose to capture while others do not. British painter Ishbel Myerscough belongs to the category of artists who capture their subjects with amazing verisimilitude, and a wealth of her recent works will be on view soon at New York’s Flowers Gallery starting September 8.
Myerscough’s technical proficiency is but one of the elements that contribute to the allure of “Up Close” — the title given to the exhibition. As has been the case for nearly three decades, Myerscough infuses her portraits with a captivating degree of frankness or, in other words, unapologetic and unflinching honesty. Whether the subject includes friends, fellow artists, or herself, Myerscough’s paintings “demonstrate a clear, forensic vision,” as suggested by curator Sarah Howgate.
The works on view during “Up Close” may particularly resonate with a female audience. As Flowers Gallery notes, “The present selection of paintings can be seen as containers for an intensely personal experience of womanhood, beginning with images of childhood and culminating with recent self-portraits, interspersed with grouped or paired figures that address the relationships between family, lovers and friends. Myerscough’s particular inquiry of the nude has charted an evolving idea of self through the contemplation of form, evoking the longings and anxieties of female experience through discreet observations of physicality and gesture.”
“Up Close” opens on September 8 and will hang through October 15. To learn more, visit Flowers Gallery.
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