Distinct, unique, and engaging. The stylistically significant works of three painters head to the walls of a special Denver, Colorado, gallery in September. Hailing from Sweden, Detroit, and San Francisco, these artists have incredible visions from their unique environments.
The fall exhibition season at Denver’s Abend Gallery kicks off with a blockbuster exhibition featuring three engaging painters. Benjamin Björklund, Lindsey Kustusch, and Felicia Forte will headline “On the Periphery” — a group show to feature each artist’s creative take “on their environments and the people, animals, and objects that populate them,” as the gallery says.
Presenting incredibly original bodies of work, the exhibition will undoubtedly provide diverse subjects and styles — a direct result of the artists and their homes. Björklund, who comes to Abend Gallery via Uppsala, Sweden, “largely features people and animals depicted with deep, psychological overtones,” the gallery reports. “Stylistically, Björklund often renders his subjects without fully realized facial features, highlighting only the most important elements. By doing so the artist is able to create incredibly gripping and emotive portraits.”

Felicia Forte, “Point of View,” oil on panel, 24 x 18 in. (c) Abend Gallery 2016

Via the Bay Area, Kustusch brings a more architectural approach to the equation. The gallery suggests, “Kustusch’s ability to execute incredibly realistic depictions of each individual place is only rivaled by her ability to make each piece exude a true sense of those gritty, lived-in parts of the Bay area.”

Benjamin Björklund, “Gwyneth,” oil on linen, 19 1/2 x 19 1/2 in. (c) Abend Gallery 2016

The can be no doubt that Detroit, Michigan, has suffered immensely as a result of economic turmoil — a condition that affects every citizen living within her city limits, including Felicia Forte. However, Detroit is a city of amazing culture and diversity, all of which is displayed with beauty through Forte’s work. The gallery writes, “Her body of work for this exhibition will feature numerous paintings by the artist that provide a narrative which speaks to the objects, places, and people that characterize Forte’s world. When viewed together the paintings act almost autobiographically, showing the viewer a glimpse into her daily life. The vivid color choices paired with Forte’s unique approach and sense of her subject matter make these paintings an incredibly interesting and dense body of work to sift through.”
“On the Periphery” opens on Friday, September 2 and will hang through October 1. To learn more, visit Abend Gallery.
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