Ponte Vedra Beach’s Cultural Center recently invited two outstanding artists to participate in a joint exhibition that focuses on trees. The results are fantastic!
“Arboreal” is defined as “living in trees,” which is what patrons will experience through the gorgeous works of Linda Richichi and Seth Satterfield next month at Florida’s Ponte Vedra Beach Cultural Center. Opening on September 9, the exhibition will be a lovely display of aesthetic — and technical — variety.

Seth Satterfield, “Richard’s Dream,” forged iron, 48 x 24 in. (c) The Cultural Center 2016

Richichi, a Signature Member of the NY and International Plein Air Painters, has achieved considerable renown across the country and abroad for her stunning plein air oils and pastels of landscapes and trees, and through her discerning eye and brilliant use of color and light. Richichi’s collectors often comment on the spiritual energy and creative force that emanate from her pictures. There can be no doubt that this, and more, will be on vivid display during “Arboreal.”
Equally moving are the forged iron sculptures by Seth Satterfield, which will provide a different aesthetic and technical approach to the same subject. The Cultural Center reports that Satterfield “creates inventive pieces of contemporary art as well as authentic antique reproductions.”
In you’re in the area, treat yourself to this remarkable exhibition from September 9 through October 14. To learn more, visit The Cultural Center.
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