There always seems to be something great happening artistically in Santa Fe, no matter the time of year. Manitou Galleries is proud to host the enchanting art of this renowned Western painter, beginning August 19.
Layered with heavy impasto, vivid color, and warm textures, the art of Kim Douglas Wiggins is truly a sight to behold. A native of New Mexico, Wiggins was raised in a part of the country that has enchanted the imaginations of artists for generations. Today, New Mexico is deeply embedded into his soul, which surfaces with profound beauty in his paintings.

Kim Wiggins, “One Night in New Mexico,” oil, 24 x 30 in. (c) Manitou Galleries 2016

Opening August 19 at Santa Fe’s Manitou Galleries, “Kim Wiggins: The Art of Enchantment” will showcase a number of recent oils by the painter as he continues to produce a diverse range of pictures that have collectors and connoisseurs eager for more.

“Kim Wiggins: The Art of Enchantment” opens on August 19 and will be on view through September 2. To learn more, visit Manitou Galleries.
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