Entering its 11th year, the International Guild of Realism’s Juried Exhibition is just one opportunity the organization hosts to showcase the best realist artists working today. Masterful artist Quang Ho had the difficult task of juror this year. Details are just a click away!
Some of the best representational painters working today will be featured during the International Guild of Realism’s 11 Annual Juried Exhibition at Denver, Colorado’s Gallery 1261. Both the Guild and its Rocky Mountain host are recognized today as premier organizations for the support and advancement of realism and traditional arts.
Opening on August 26 and running through September 17, the exhibition was curated this year by the renowned painter Quang Ho, who had the following comments on his difficult task:

“It will be a tough task to be the judge for such a show, as I know there will be many exceptional entries to look through. The term ‘realism’ can mean many things to many different people. On the surface, it seems to mean work that looks ‘real’ as in ‘tight’ realism — work that is rendered to look like life as we assume it should look. To merely render something tightly doesn’t necessarily carry with it an understanding of what is real. I would like to challenge the artists to explore what ‘real’ might actually mean to them. As a judge of paintings, I will not look at ideology or the artists’ personal beliefs about a subject matter, but at how the painting is put together and executed overall, and then how that might unify within the theme of the painting.”
Among many others, some of the featured artists include Alex Manzaranes, Barbara Walker, Ed Copley, Erwin Lewandowski, Terry Miller, Thane Gorek, and Grace Kim.
To learn more, visit Gallery 1261.
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