A half-life-sized version of this incredible sculpture was deemed 2014’s most creative sculpture in the world. When is the world premiere of the life-sized version? Tomorrow, in fact.
Considered one of today’s best living sculptors, Paige Bradley displays a nearly flawless command of figurative sculpture. “Form and Figure” — an exhibition that will showcase new works by Bradley and Mark Yale Harris — opens tomorrow, August 12, at Canyon Fine Art in Santa Fe.
Among the most anticipated works to be shown is the first-ever life-sized version of Bradley’s 2014 sculpture “Expansion” — which was ranked the world’s most creative public sculpture that same year. The incredible work displays a lone female figure in a meditative posture — legs crossed, arched back, and arms extended outward from the body. Cracks in the sculpture reveal an inner light meant to represent the light of the sitter’s spirit. “‘Expansion, Lifesize’ has been a dream of mine since 2004, when I placed the original, smaller version in a Brooklyn park” writes Bradley. “As ‘Expansion’ was lit up, photographers literally began running to it and feverishly taking photos as the sunlight turned to dusk. Now that Canyon Fine Art has helped me create a life-size version of her, I feel like my dream of having this sculpture placed somewhere exciting is closing in.”

Mark Yale Harris, “Awakening III (Monumental),” bronze, 48 x 39 x 21 in. (c) Canyon Fine Art 2016

Not to be overshadowed by Bradley’s unveiling of “Expansion, Lifesize” are the stunning sculptures of Mark Yale Harris. Harris’ works are, stylistically, much more simplified as his forms are reduced to basic geometric shapes. They will undoubtedly provide a fascinating contrast with Bradley’s anatomically convincing works. Further, Harris’ works will also showcase wildlife subjects in addition to the figurative, giving the show diversity and exceptional range.
“Form and Figure” opens tomorrow, August 12, at Canyon Fine Art in Santa Fe and will be on view through September 9. To learn more, visit Canyon Fine Art.
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