Irene Monat Stern, “Untitled,” circa 1965, acrylic on canvas, 54 x 68 in. (c) Hollis Taggart Galleries 2016

There’s a unique and gratifying simplicity to the colorful works of Polish artist Irene Monat Stern, who is currently showcasing a range of stunning works at New York’s Hollis Taggart Galleries.

Hollis Taggart Galleries in New York City is overjoyed to be presenting works by experienced painter Irene Monat Stern (1932-2010) this fall. In an exhibition that opened on September 8 and will be on view through October 6, viewers will be treated to Stern’s abstracted and powerful visual rhythms. The gallery adds, “Her pure abstract paintings call to mind the stained canvases of the Color Field artists, but her work embodies a unique elegance that differentiates it from that of her contemporaries.”

Irene Monat Stern, “Untitled,” circa 1968, acrylic on canvas, 29 3/8 x 59 1/8 in. (c) Hollis Taggart Galleries 2016

Born in 1932, Stern was one of the Holocaust survivors who eventually settled in the United States. Finding her home in Southern California, Stern went on to establish a lasting artistic career, and her paintings have been shown and collected by numerous public and private institutions. Among the current locations you can find her work is the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, D.C.

Continuing, the gallery suggests, “Stern’s colors grow and blossom organically across her large canvases, and these chromatic blooms manage to be simultaneously serene and dramatic as they radiate vibrant, earthy tones.”

To learn more, visit Hollis Taggart Galleries.

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