He’s been doing it for decades — exploring the sometimes unbearable truths of contemporary reality through vivid and masterfully executed paintings. Renowned master Max Ginsburg offers viewers a trip through the 20th century during a compelling retrospective.
Opening Saturday, November 12 at San Antonio’s TwoTen Fine Art is a remarkable retrospective for master Max Ginsburg that is both beautiful and gripping. Featuring paintings that “explore the realities of our time,” Ginsburg’s images confront viewers with the sometimes uncomfortable truths that often surround America’s social, political, economic, and cultural atmosphere.

Max Ginsburg, “War Pieta,” 2007, oil, 50 x 60 in. (c) TwoTen Fine Art 2016

Often described as belonging to the category of Social Realism, Ginsburg’s controversial images are technically profound, executed with incredible detail, sharpness of form and color, and dramatic composition. He is a living master, and those in Texas should take advantage of this opportunity to both meet Ginsburg and view his historically significant pictures.
To learn more, visit TwoTen Fine Art.
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