Photo: Anne Weiler-Brown

by Anne Weiler-Brown

Two weeks ago, a group of art collectors were invited by the Coeur d’Alene Galleries to Northwest Montana along the Clark Fork River for a special rendezvous. Who attended and what took place? Your recap is one click away!

Nearly 50 collectors gathered in Northwest Montana this spring for a three-day retreat that featured, among other happening, artists Brent Cotton, Andy Thomas, Ben Pease, and Joe Kronenberg painting and sharing their perspectives.

Buddy Le and Ron Nicklas of Coeur d’Alene Galleries offered tips on building a collection, including advice to be confident in your tastes, be an informed buyer, focus on quality, document your art, and have a plan for future owners. Another topics of discussion: how to judge elements that contribute to the overall value of artworks and your collection, such as auction records, places in the permanent collection of museums, galleries, book and magazine references, appraisals, and market and liquidation values.

Other speakers included Duane Braaten, director of art and philanthropy for the C.M. Russell Museum, who discussed art auctions; William E. Farr, promoting his coffee table book on the late artist Julius Seyler; and a combined presentation on conservation and framing from conservationist Joe Abbrescia and Frame of Reference Fine Art framer Derek Vandeberg.

By all accounts, one of the highlights of the Rendezvous was the final day’s forum, with collectors, artists, and speakers sharing different perspectives about the Western art market.

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