Glenn Dean, “Contemplation,” 2016, oil, 12 x 15 inches

A unique new collection of works by artist Glenn Dean enjoyed a very successful opening night at Maxwell Alexander last weekend. Through this new body of work, Dean explored a new subject that historically has dazzled and will continue to dazzle collectors. Details here!

By Vanessa Françoise Rothe

On display through June 17, 2017, “Into the Night” has brought an evening glow to Los Angeles’s Maxwell Alexander Gallery. The exhibition features the artist’s recent exploration of a new subject — horses and riders set among twilight or nocturnal landscapes — and they have a subtle, soothing ambiance about them. The exhibition is both alluring and pleasing; the works share a peaceful note. Dean is famous for his color harmonies, and he delivers an exhibition consistent with that reputation, using warm and cool harmonies that mix with tonal grays. During the opening reception, Dean himself mirrored that harmony with a calm, confident air as he shared the moment with his fellow artists and clients.

Glenn Dean, “Watchful,” 2017, oil, 25 x 30 inches

With moonlit skies, wheat fields, beautifully rendered horses, and prairie scenes of the American West, the exhibition transports the viewer to stunning planes and rolling hillsides at dusk. A printed catalogue is available through the gallery.  Dean explains, “The body of work for this show is really an exploration of light and color…working within the transition from the fading light of day, to the moonlit night.  I wanted to explore how these changes in light effect how we see our surroundings and how the surroundings (and subjects) themselves visually merge together and into the night sky, nearly losing all definition unless defined by the direct light of the moon.”

Glenn Dean, “Heading Home,” 2017, oil, 24 x 36 inches

Dean has been a fine landscape artist for many years, well-known in California and beyond, respected and followed by many. His ocean and California landscapes are widely collected, and Dean has, in the last few years, rediscovered the West with horses and riders as a main subject, traveling to paint in Utah, the hills of California, and on nearby ranches. These new themes will continue to offer an exciting new subject for him. The nocturnal collection takes this series further, adding the effects of night and dusk, and celebrates this main theme as his subjects roam and walk … into the night.

Fantastic catalogues for “Into the Night,” Photo: Vanessa Rothe

Maxwell Alexander Gallery is located at 6144 W. Washington Blvd. Culver City CA 90232

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