John Wellington, “Hero,” 2017, oil on new wave palette, 11 x 16 inches

Curated by renowned artist Dina Brodsky and curator/writer Trek Lexington, this miniaturist exhibition features a number of world-famous painters exploring the importance and meaning of the artist’s palette as tool, extension of oneself, and painting surface.

Opened on June 15 and on view through July 8 at the Abend Gallery in Denver, Colorado, is a wonderful exhibition with an innovative theme. Curated by renowned artist Dina Brodsky and curator/writer Trek Lexington, “Palette” features works by over 50 artists including — among others — Liz Adams-Jones, James Adelman, Benjamin Craig, Nick Gebhart, Evan Kitson, Tim Lowly, Jessica Pisano, Nicolas Sanchez, Mark Trujillo, John Wentz, Timothy Wilson, Zane York, and Miles Yoshida.

Zane York, “Arrangement XIII,” 2017, oil on plexiglass, 12 x 10 inches
Jessica Pisano, “Solstice,” oil on wood palette, 12 x 15 inches
Shawn Krueger, “A Northland Requiem,” 2017, oil on wood palette, 12 x 16 inches
Kieran Ingram, “Sacrifice,” 2017, oil on wood palette, 21 1/2 x 14 inches
Shauna Finn, “Untitled I,” 2017, oil on wood palette, 11 3/4 x 15-3/4 inches
Daniel Bilodeau, “She Dreams of Being Awake,” 2017, oil on wood palette, 16 x 11 inches

In “Palette” the artist’s palettes take center stage not only — as the title suggests — as a point of origin for a painting, but as artworks in themselves, as surfaces upon which to paint. Via the gallery, “Every artist has a unique mind, and a deeply personal, often idiosyncratic studio practice. Some adhere to strict routines, and others work for weeks or months, then pause completely in order to reflect, incubate an idea, or travel and take in new experience. One way to get a glimpse into the artist’s mind, as well as into their practice is the painter’s palette — a tool that has been around for centuries, as painting itself has gone through myriads of transformations through the years. It is both practical and intimate, acquiring layers of paint as well as memories, reflecting intent and execution, storing the ghosts of paintings that have long since left the studio. The palette is the point of origin from which ideas become realized and paint is transformed into a reflection of the human experience. Whatever shape or form the surface or substrate takes, it all begins when brush meets palette.”

PALETTE: our first exhibition at our new space at 1412 Wazee opens June 15th! The Palette Painting 2017 show is the second installment of the wildly popular exhibition curated by Dina Brodsky and Trek Lexington which asks artists to turn one of their tools of the trade, the palette, into a work of art itself.

Posted by Abend Gallery on Sunday, June 11, 2017

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