Shaun Berke, “The Gift & The Ghost,” 2013, oil on canvas, 29 1/2 x 34 inches

A deeply provocative and psychologically thrilling exhibition will soon be underway in Pasadena, California. Opening in July, “Mythos & Logos” is one heck of a mental and visual journey.

New works by painter Shaun Berke will be on view at Gallery 30 South in Pasadena, California, beginning July 1. Titled “Mythos & Logos,” the exhibition is intended to be both visually stimulating and thought-provoking, inspiring self-reflection within themes of memory, thought, time, and existentialism.

Shaun Berke, “The Harlot,” 2013, oil on canvas, 18 x 34 inches
Shaun Berke, “The Idiot,” 2015, oil on linen 40 x 32 inches

“These paintings might seem out of place in time,” the press release begins, “but that very quality is the entry point to better understand just how fleeting time really is. How we see time is bound up with how we see ourselves. We are nested in the present, always becoming. We are a moment, an ever-living fire. We are ephemeral and so is painting. More important than when we take place is the fact that we do at all. In so short a time we might learn to speak across the abyss.

Shaun Berke, “Sacrament,” 2014, oil on panel, 20 x 30 inches

“Look closer and we can see fragments of ‘thrownness.’ What we find on the surface of a painting are stories laid to rest––mythos. Interred in the painting is reason––logos; a ghost of existence, a shrine to death. Unearthed, this word breathes new life into memory. So the revenant stirs, remembers, sees by the light of a thousand stars. In Norse, the name of The Rememberer is Mimr, a giant and a sage whose head was brought back to life by a dear friend: Odinn, who gave his eye for greater sight and claimed a draft from the well of wisdom. Odinn’s search for knowledge is reflected in Heidegger’s view of painting––that the craft of painting is in drawing up to the light from the well of being. In the depths of allegory the light of wisdom reaches ever further. However, the constellations strewn from mythos are seen only by the light of logos. As mythos dreams, logos speaks dawn.”

To learn more, visit Gallery 30 South.

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