"Amaranthine" by Krystii Melaine


Oil on linen

48 x 28 in.


Available through the artist

Krystii Melaine paints because it makes her happy, and she hopes that her paintings will bring happiness into the homes of her collectors. Primarily a figurative and portrait artist, Krystii is on a journey of artistic exploration of the people who shaped the American West.

Amaranthine is a tribute to the special bond between mothers and daughters. It shows a mother holding her small daughter close, wrapped in a blanket, encircled by love. Amaranthine is an old poetic word meaning unfading, everlasting. “I created this painting as a tribute to my mother and the eternal love that always keeps her close to my heart, no matter how far apart we may be.” The circle behind, in iridescent paint, might be the moon or a symbolic halo. I focused on the two faces and hand in a realistic style, enjoyed the bold patterns of the blanket folds, and allowed everything else to dissolve into abstraction. Muted colors enhance the gentle mood.”

Born in Australia, Krystii announced at age four that she was going to be an artist, won her first art competition at seven, and was selling paintings and accepting commissions by the age of fourteen. Following university studies in painting, drawing and graphic design, Krystii established her own fashion design company. By her early twenties she had developed it into one of the largest bridal and evening-wear companies in Australia, showing her designs in Paris and London.

But a burning desire to return to painting led Krystii to five years of study in traditional tonal realism focused on figurative and still life painting. A trip to the USA in 1998 rekindled her fascination with the American West and was the catalyst for her ongoing quest to develop a unique artistic interpretation within the Western Art genre. Krystii’s paintings explore the lives of Native American people, families migrating westward along the trails, and the many other characters who shaped the history of the American West. Horses are an integral part of this rich tapestry of Western life, and the distinctive wildlife of this region is another facet of Krystii’s repertoire. In 2010, Krystii moved with her husband from Australia to Spokane, Washington, to be closer to her favorite region and its people. In-depth research and hands-on experience informs her paintings, including making and beading the clothing and equipment for her Native American paintings.

Krystii’s fine art is regularly featured in museum exhibitions and has won many awards including the Patron’s Choice Award at Quest for the West twice, and the Visitor’s Choice Award at the American Women Artists exhibition in 2016. Krystii is a Master Signature Member of the American Women Artists, and a member of the Portrait Society of America.

Krystii Melaine’s powerful and compelling oil paintings document her personal journey of discovery in the American West, capturing the varied personalities and telling their stories with all the skills of a master artist.

View more of Krystii’s work at www.krystiimelaine.com

Contact Krystii at [email protected] or 509-465-4006


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