Sherrie Wolf, “Postcards from Paris #1,” 2017, oil on canvas, 32 x 38 inches

Two exhibitions are currently underway at this Portland, Oregon, gallery. One features a first-timer to the space, exploring wilderness and human reflection, while the other delves into images inspired by the artist’s time in Paris. This dynamic display is worth your gaze.

Russo Lee Gallery in Portland, Oregon, is one busy space through September 2. Currently on view are two outstanding exhibitions featuring the works of Chris Russell and Sherrie Wolf. Russell’s show, titled “Naturalize,” represents the artist’s shift of focus, from an exploration of wilderness concentrating on dense imagery of foliage to a reflection on human-shaped spaces of gardens and cultivated nature.

“His creative process remains painterly,” the gallery writes, “building up images of plant structures and patterns that take on gestures of abstraction, reminding the viewer of the presence of the artist’s hand in the making of the painting, much as the gardener’s hand shapes the landscapes of his or her making.”

Chris Russell, “Precarious Balance,” 2017, oil on linen, 42 x 36 inches

“Postcards from Paris” is Sherrie Wolf’s incredible display of paintings inspired by her time in the City of Light. In the show, Wolf “continues to experiment with juxtaposing images of historical artwork, often in the form of postcards and art books, with a wide variety of still life subject matter, inspired by her movements through Paris, whether on the street or in the apartment where she stayed,” Russo Lee writes. “Wolf’s virtuosity with the use of light, shadow, and reflection continues to astound in an array of beautiful images that keep drawing the eye further in.”

Both shows will hang through September 2. To learn more, visit Russo Lee Gallery.

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