New owner of Shain Gallery Sybil Godwin (left) and founder Gabrielle Shain (right)

A well-known gallery in North Carolina has a new owner after its founder has stepped down. It’s recognized as one of the most influential galleries in the Southeast, so collectors should take note of this new leadership.

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, Shain Gallery is a renowned gallery that serves a long list of clients while representing over 45 nationally and regionally acclaimed artists. As announced last week, gallery owner and founder Gabrielle (Gaby) Shain has stepped down, appointing Charlotte native Sybil Godwin as its new owner.

“I am so happy to hand the reins to Sybil,” Shain said. “She has an exceptional knowledge of, and excellent track record within, the art world, and Sybil will continue to apply her discerning eye and a truly distinctive perspective. With nearly 15 years of experience at some of the best art galleries in the Southeast, she is the right person to take the gallery into this exciting new chapter.”

Godwin said, “Shain is one of the most influential art galleries in Charlotte, and I’m honored to carry forward Gaby’s legacy. We will continue to bring new artwork from our existing artists as well as introducing more established and emerging contemporary artists to the Charlotte community.”

Luke Allsbrook, “Atonement,” oil on canvas, 50 x 36 inches

Eminent artists who will continue to be represented by the gallery include Eric Abrecht, Luke Allsbrook, Melissa Payne Baker, Kristin Blakeney, Peggie Blizard, Carol Bodiford, Gary Bodner, Andy Braitman, Josh Brown, Dennis Campay, Veronica Clark, Jeff Cohen, Leslie Cohen, Tania Darashkevich, Yury Darashkevich, Jon Davenport, Arless Day, Emyo, Bill Farnsworth, Laura Fontaine, Estella Fransbergen, Chris Groves, Brian Hibbard, Karen Hollingsworth, Mark Horton, William Jameson, Geoffrey Johnson, Lynn Johnson, Karin Jurick, Christy Kinard, Chris Liberti, Carol Maguire, Nathaniel Mather, Casey Matthews, Yvonne Mendez, Craig Mooney, Shannon Nyimicz, Eric Olsen, Laura Park, Trip Park, Eileen Power, Susie Pryor, Carlos Ramirez, Lynn Sanders, Karen Scharer, Kim Schuessler, Saliha Staib, Caroline Swetenburg, Sally Tharp, and Connie Winters.

Peggie Blizard, “Cosmos and Plumbago, Rose of Sharon,” 30 x 24 inches

Upcoming exhibitions will feature work by Lynn Johnson and Emyo (8/18), Noah Desmond (8/24), Andy Braitman (9/8), Chris Liberti and Eric Olsen (9/22), Kristin Blakeney, Casey Matthews, and Lynn Sanders (10/6), Karen Hollingsworth (10/27), Jon Davenport and Christy Kinard (11/10), and Josh Brown (11/17).

Shain Gallery, located in the heart of Myers Park in Charlotte, North Carolina, has been on the forefront of the Charlotte art scene since opening its doors in 1998. To learn more, visit Shain Gallery.

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