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On December 8, PoetsArtists publisher Didi Menendez listed the “Top Ten Figurative Art Galleries of 2017,” and the list has been met with praise — and debate. Who’s in and who’s out? Did she get it right? You decide.

*Note: Please comment below!  Fine Art Connoisseur wants to form its own list of favorite figurative art galleries.  Tell us and we’ll compile a list after the New Year!  

I can’t imagine trying to make a list like this: the top 10 figurative art galleries in the United States in 2017. As I continue to grow and learn more about the representational art world through my position here with Fine Art Connoisseur, one thing becomes abundantly clear: there are so many talented artists and stellar galleries out there, it’ll make your head spin. How did Didi do it?

“I tried to highlight galleries which have group exhibitions throughout the year, and I also took nominations from the PoetsArtists community, which includes several art collectors,” Menendez said. “I also monitor Artsy for solo and group exhibitions throughout the year as well as other submission calls posted on social media. Many of these galleries accept submissions and have open calls throughout the year. This list is comprised of galleries in the U.S.A., and they are in the order of most proactive to the figurative arts community.”

Here’s her list!

1) Zhou B. Art Center, Chicago, Illinois

2) Bernarducci Gallery Chelsea, New York, New York

3) Gallery Victor Armendariz, Chicago, Illinois

4) Abend Gallery, Denver, Colorado

5) Sirona Fine Art, Hallandale Beach, Florida

6) Arcadia Contemporary, Culver City, California

7) RJD Gallery, Bridgehampton, New York

8) Lyons Wier Gallery, New York, New York

9) Flowers Gallery, New York and London

10) Simard Bilodeau Contemporary, Los Angeles, California

How did she do? To view the article on BuzzFeed, visit here.

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