A Little To The Left
Impala and Red Billed Oxpecker
16 x 20 in., clayboard and colored inks with scratchboard techniques
On exhibition at the International Society of Scratchboard Artists (ISSA) 7th Annual Exhibition, May 4-31, 2018, at the Middletown Arts Center, Middletown, Ohio. Opening reception May 4, 6-9pm.

One of only 16 Master Members of the International Society of Scratchboard Artists (ISSA) and an Associate Member with Distinction with the American Women Artists, Ginger Gehres is a published artist, visual storyteller and art historian who has studied under both nationally and internationally acclaimed artists.

“When I was a very young girl, I thought everyone created art. My Grandmother was an accomplished oil painter, my Mother a professional dancer, and my Father built houses and buildings with sometimes little more than a crude sketch on a napkin,” says Ginger Genres.

Ginger was surrounded by creativity and imagination from the very beginning. Her grandmother put a pencil and paintbrush in her hands as soon as she could hold them.

“When I was old enough to go to school, I came home upset because I discovered that drawing and painting was not what everybody did.”

Thankfully, she was supported in her learning endeavors at home until there were courses for her to take later. When people asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she never swayed.

“I want to be an artist because that’s all I know how to be inside.”

At 16, she was given the honor of painting the high school mascot, the eagle, on the gym floor, was the art editor of the school paper and started writing and illustrating for a school section of the area’s daily newspaper. This further cemented her course in life.

Commercial art became Ginger’s career. She worked first in newspaper advertising design, promotion and illustration, earning awards for her editorial cartoons. Continuing with advertising design, she joined a large corporation, then spent 12 years as an art director in television, and later worked as a GUI and web designer for another large corporation until a life changing stroke-like episode stopped her in her tracks.

“The family was called in. The doctors weren’t sure if I’d ever walk or talk again. I was only 40 and the single mother of a young child.” Time went by, her then partner (now husband) supported her and helped her to take occupational, physical and speech therapy. Ginger is quick to say she considers herself one of the fortunate ones. Today, even though she still struggles with seizures and chronic migraines, most of her motor skills have returned. During her recovery, ironically one of the recommended rehabilitation skills was art.

Not able to rejoin the daily work force, she decided to “go back to the beginning and paint.”

“Every piece created was a step forward. I discovered scratchboard in 2013 and fell in love with how different the medium was to work with.”

The detail work made scratchboard the perfect choice for her. Scratchboard is traditionally black and white but Ginger also likes to add color to many of her works. It takes longer to create multiple layers of color and scratches and that’s fine with her. All you need to create the work is a craft knife and a scratchboard but many of the artists find themselves exploring and expanding on what and how this medium can be pushed. This includes the tools used. Ginger’s scratchboard work is created on Ampersand Scratchbord and Claybord panels. Her tools range from an x-acto knife, fiberglass brushes, sandpaper, and hand made tools to even tattoo needles at times.

“It just depends on the idea I have in my head and what I think I need to use to get it out and onto the board.”

Master Member: International Society of Scratchboard Artists
Associate Member with Distinction: American Women Artists

Gallery Representation:
The Lemonade Art Gallery, Chocowinity, NC

Recent Awards:
Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler (Let The Good Times Roll)
15 x 20 in., scratchboard
FineArtConnoisseur.com Featured Artist, April

Can You See Me Now?
21 x 27 in., scratchboard
Honorable Mention, American Women Artists 2018 Spring Online Show

Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler (Let The Good Times Roll)
15 x 20 in., scratchboard
2nd Place, 22nd International Art Ability Exhibition, Bryn Mawr, PA
2nd Place, American Women Artists 2017 Spring Online Show
Highly Commendable, International Society of Scratchboard Artists – Masters Division, Adelaide, Australia

Monkey Business
9 x 12in., scratchboard
First Place, International Society of Scratchboard Artists, 2017 Online Holiday Exhibition, Masters Division

12 x 18 in., scratchboard
Published in North Light Books Strokes of Genius 10: Inspiring Subjects (to be published in 2018)

Sunshine On My Shoulder
8 x 10 in., scratchboard
Juror’s Choice, 53rd Annual Fine Arts Show, Washington, NC

View more of Ginger’s work on her website and follow her on Facebook.


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