Beach Day
24 x 24 in., oil on linen

Artist Patrick Lee often will start a painting with only a loose idea or a simple subject and lets the painting come to life using its own momentum.

“Patrick creates evocative light-filled oil paintings of landscapes and interiors that demonstrate an intense subject focus. He is equally adept with acrylic, which he employs to produce quick expressive figure studies from live models,” says South Street Art Gallery owner Alan Brock.

A painting may begin as a sketch of something from life or from memory. As the image begins to take form, the shapes or colors on the canvas inspire Patrick to incorporate elements of memory, imagination, and connected ideas. The thoughts and feelings that arise from these elements and the creative process itself set the tone for the piece and are conveyed to the viewer in the final artwork.

He draws heavily on intuition and imagination to develop an image, often altering the drawing, color, and spatial relationships to create a mood and express a feeling about the subject. This often leads to strong elements of abstraction and suggestion in his work, rather than explicit detail. This gives the viewer an opportunity to connect with each piece in their own way, inviting them to let their own imaginations make personal associations and connections.

“I like to present the viewer with an image beyond an everyday, documentary rendering of a subject by incorporating an evocative, dream-like mood into each piece, whether done in the studio or en plein air,” explains Patrick.

Patrick has exhibited work at The Butler Institute of American Art, the State Museum of Pennsylvania, The Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts, and the Westmoreland Museum of American Art. An internationally collected artist, he has been involved in numerous group and solo exhibitions.

To view Patrick’s recent work, visit South Street Art Gallery, and follow Patrick on Facebook and Instagram.