Argyle, Velvet and Denim
14 x 18 in.
Oil on birch
Available at Reinert Fine Art

Another of my museum series. This piece is an exploration into men and how they present themselves. I’ve always thought that Sargent’s Dr. Pozzi at Home evoked a feeling of confidence and dominance. It causes me to consider the men of today in comparison. Are they ‘allowed’ to come off so strongly anymore?

Heather’s paintings have dramatic lighting and mood drawing the viewer in from across the room. At closer inspection the play of paint and brushwork come to life, revealing Arenas’ passion for even the smallest surprises.

Heather, like most artists, began her love of art very early in life. Her grandmothers and her parents were influential and endlessly provided her with books, crafts, supplies and encouragement. She, of course was advised to follow a different path as she began her post high school education. Her ever present interest of the human form led her to briefly attend med school. Her studies of anatomy, art history and ceramics were a clue that art was her calling and should be followed through. Heather’s path has taken time with many twists and turns only to bring to light that oil painting excited her as much as the figure, and so she began her career as a professional oil painter.

If you are one of those people lucky enough to see Heather paint you will witness her joy and enthusiasm, singing and dancing with her brushes in hand. Her music choices run the gamut from hard rock to classical. “I listen to music and the music helps my brush seamingly move without assistance. Depending on the tune I can feel the beat ignite fire into my paintings.” Heather enjoys painting any subject but her first love is the figure. “The perfection of the human body, the curves, the movement, how a being sees and looks back at me, how it walks across a room, it’s all perfect. Figures are a vehicle for me to show my appreciation of the grace and mechanics of life’s ultimate creation.”

As a professional oil painter Heather has honed her technical skills with some classes, even more self-education and a lot of practice. Like all artists on their own personal journey, her focus has changed over the course of the years. At this point, light, mood and brushwork are the subjects that move her to put paint to canvas. “It doesn’t matter what the subject is, I am attracted to the way the light dances along the object, and in my eyes it sparkles and I get taken in.” Equally, she is excited to convey the mood of the scene before her. “Light and mood, they go hand in hand.” She stresses that she only paints what she sees beauty in and reinforces it by repeating words like sunshine, warmth, joy and sending positive vibes into her work. Drawing on her art education, she confidently dips into the mystery of painting, and the paint moves her into unexpected places. Her zeal guides her and she often finds that her brushwork leaves her surprises and instead of wiping it off she follows it through. “At this juncture of the painting it is about the paint, the big strokes, the broken color and the abstract spaces that appear. That combination allows me to let happy accidents happen and in turn play with the canvas in front of me.” Heathers unique and enthusiastic impressionist style gives the heart of the viewer a chance to use his imagination and participate in the telling of the story.

Heather has had many collectors say wonderful things about her work but one of her favorite quotes was from a gentleman who said, “When I look at your work it almost makes me want to cry.” Arenas says, “To touch someone at that level is the ultimate compliment for me as an artist”. Heather’s success lies within her insatiable desire to learn, her friendly outgoing personality and her giddiness for trying new things. “For me, painting is a never ending marvelous journey. There is no end to the avenues I can explore.”

Heather is a Master Signature artist with the Women Artists of the West and Associate of Distinction with American Women Artists.

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Recent Awards
Women Artists of the West, Spring Online 2018 for “Modern Day Venus”, Honorable Mention Gateway Intl Painting Contest, December 2017 for “Passion”, Finalist
Gateway Intl Painting Contest, November 2017 for “Red in the Sun”, Finalist
Sedona Art Prize, August 2017 for “It Takes All Kinds”, Finalist
Sedona Art Prize, June 2017 for “Red in the Sun”, Finalist
Bold Brush, May 2017 For “Oscar and Sharon’s Big Day Out”, Best of Show
Sedona Art Prize, May 2017 for “Colorful Subject”, Finalist
WAOW Nat. Juried Exhibition 2016 for “Home on the Range”, Art of the West Editor’s Choice AWA National Juried Exhibition 2016 for “Orange Taffeta”, Finalist
WAOW Hot Summer Nights 2016 for “After the Dance”, Best Overall
WAOW Hot Summer Nights 2016 for “31st and Lexington”, Honorable Mention
OPA Online Showcase Spring 2016 “Belizean Chef”, Honorable Mention
AWA Spring Online Show 2016 for “Margaritas in Tubac”, Finalist
FASO August 2015 Bold Brush for “After the Lunch Rush” Finalist
Finalist, Bold Brush May 2015 for “Angel in Disguise”
Honorable Mention, CFAI Figurative show May 2015 for “Lady in Red”
Finalist, AWA Spring Online Show 2015 for “Farmers Market Flowers”
2nd Place, WAOW Spring Online show 2015 for “Farmers Market Flowers”