36 x 48 in.

Bill Cramer is one of the 25 featured artists who participated in the 10th annual Grand Canyon Celebration of Art September 8-15, 2018, painting plein air on the South Rim of the Canyon. An exhibit and sale of their work opened at Kolb Studio on September 16. The exhibit and sale will be open daily through January 21, 2019.

Having participated in the past eight Celebrations of Art, Cramer has developed an intimate relationship with the Grand Canyon, both as an artist and an avid rock climber. His work elegantly conveys its vastness and depth, capturing its beauty and constantly shifting light.

Each of the participating artists creates a studio painting for the exhibit, which hang in the exhibit along with the plein air work they paint during the event. Of his studio painting Illumination, Cramer says:

“Few features connect the South Rim and the middle reaches of the Grand Canyon as dramatically as the meandering ridge line that drops below Hopi Point. Sunset lights the ridge on fire all the way down to Dana Butte with its unique shape resting on the Tonto Platform. Complex and precariously thin in places, this ridge would make for one epic descent! More distant ridge lines and familiar temples also dance in the fading light. Beneath it all lies the mysterious dark labyrinth of the Inner Gorge. A joy to see and paint. The Canyon never disappoints!”

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