Warm and Cool
8 x 10 in.
Available at South Street Art Gallery, Easton, MD

Christopher Best is an American artist, painting mostly outdoors or in “plein air.” He finds the moods of nature, seen through the quality of light, to be his main inspiration.

“Christopher paints endearing scenes from around southern Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay. His vignettes are rendered with thickly applied, bold brush strokes and his palette is unique. He is an up and coming young artist who should be on everyone’s watch list!” says Alan Brock, owner of South Street Art Gallery in Easton, Maryland.

After studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design he returned to Maryland where he studied with an established outdoor painter. These years were very formative in the way that he was introduced to the language of the landscape, and instilled a deep appreciation for the outdoors. Christopher often paints the same places over and over in order to get to know a scene and obtain a window into a specific feeling: “It’s a sort of conversation with the scene. My reason for engaging in that conversation is to convey to the viewer the importance of taking time to look at our environment, to let it press into our minds a sense of order, and beauty, giving us the platform to better understand and express ourselves.” He finds the challenge of making a painting under a time constraint outdoors to be a draw rather than an inconvenience. “It forces me to make quick decisions and develop a sort of innate confidence that relies on informed intuition. “

He resides in Crownsville, Maryland, with his wife, fellow artist and silversmith Karin.

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