View from Ballanan
Oil on canvas
36 x 60 in.
Available through Cotuit Center for the Arts in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

View from Ballanan is based on my experience from a recent trip to Scotland,” says contemporary artist Georganna Lenssen. “I drew upon a series of plein air sketches and my memory to develop this piece which I think captures the colors and wild spirit of the location.”

Georganna’s work draws inspiration from nature, and then moves into a realm so unique and individual it cannot be bound by the representational. While continually referencing the natural world, she creates images which are ambiguous, sensual and evocative. “My work presents the culmination of response, absorption and interpretation of place or content,” says Georganna. “From exquisitely patterned African wild dogs, and densely sensual and frosted cakes to the evocative nature of aged and abandoned structures, a thread of commonality exists—the multi-faceted richness of imagery. Opacities, transparencies and translucencies offer an endless array of painterly suggestions. Instinct, memory and sensation merge for me, creating a visual language of mark making, color interaction and finally the landscape of the painted surface.

“My process is phenomenological—I follow my materials, intuition and the emerging imagery. It is an interactive process—a sort of dialogue between myself and the work. The abstract qualities of my paintings are always anchored by references to the representational, however if my subject becomes too articulated, I will deconstruct it and create chaos in order to reconstruct a different kind of organization. Scraping down entire paintings or working over previous pieces increases the depth and complexity of the image and its narrative.

“It is through paint that I process my world,” says Georganna. “Painting is my life and my passion.”

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Georganna Lenssen will have her first solo exhibition in the New England area, displaying a major body of original works at the Cotuit Center for the Arts in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, March 2–April 22, 2019, with opening reception March 2, 5–8pm.

In addition, Georganna Lenssen is represented by South Street Art Gallery in Easton, Maryland, and has shown with leading contemporary art galleries including J. Cacciola/Gallery W in Bernardsville, New Jersey, and Stanek Gallery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as well as at many galleries in the Mid-Atlantic region.