The Autry presents its 22nd Annual “Masters of the American West” Art Exhibition and Sale.

This exhibition and fundraiser celebrates premier Western art and artists. Proceeds from “Masters” support the Autry’s dynamic educational programs, ongoing collections conservation, and much more.

The Autry - Western Art
Jim Wilcox, “Desert Reflection,” 20 x 40 in.

Featuring 64 nationally recognized Western artists, including George Carlson, Dennis Doheny, Tammy Garcia, Z. S. Liang, Jeremy Lipking, Tim Solliday, Kevin Red Star, Mian Situ, Curt Walters, and Morgan Weistling.

Artists new to “Masters” in 2019 include Eric Bowman, G. Russell Case, and Howard Post. They will join fellow established artists in this annual exhibition and sale.

The Autry - Western Art
Brittany Weistling, “Autumn Glow,” oil on linen,” 18 x 26 in.

“‘Masters’ in 2019 continues to expand its footprint in the world of contemporary art of the American West, a place as diverse as the artistic traditions represented throughout its long history,” said Amy Scott, the Autry’s executive vice president for research and interpretation and Marilyn B. and Calvin B. Gross curator of visual arts. “‘Masters’ celebrates these histories through images and narratives that speak to the exceptional environment, cultural past, and dynamic present of the American West.”

The Autry - Western Art
Terri Kelly Moyers, “Rio Grande Blanket,” oil on canvas, 30 x 24 in.

A ticketed opening-day program includes presentations by artists and a luncheon with an awards presentation. The lively event continues into the evening with a cocktail reception and art sale, where patrons and artists alike join in the festivities and approximately 250 fixed-price works are sold through a drawing.

The Autry - Western Art
Eric Bowman, “Seen It All,” oil on linen, 30 x 30 in.
The Autry - Western Art
Dean Mitchell, “R. Bardwell — Buffalo Soldier,” acrylic, 7.5 x 10 in.
The Autry - Western Art
Susan Lyon, “Nostalgia,” oil 12 x 9 in.

“Masters of the American West” takes place through March 24, 2019, at the Autry Museum of the American West (Los Angeles, CA). For additional details, visit

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  1. Dear Editor Trippi,
    I started my subscription yesterday, speaking with a wonderful woman who assisted me greatly and that my official subscription would be with the March/April 2019 issue.
    I wanted to find out if it is possible to download, or email me an article on Mark Maggiori whom was in the October 2018 issue please? We have become friends. His talent is just now beginning to get where those high dollars in auctions are really worth it. He has come up very quickly and having many Instant Messages, etc., we talk about his work and his personal life. He is truly a very interesting soul whom I think will take the Best of Show for the Masters of the American West this week. His coloration, detail, emotion, is coming through unlike the ones he began with. He has intrigued me because he has lived a life that romance novels are created by. However, every piece does not need to repeat the basic story. It, to me, is time to start focusing on where he wants to go, how does he see his art in the next 5 years? Being a Frenchman, he spends his time back and forth as he has two daughters, Scarlet and Shalom with ex-wife Juliette, works on his heart. We have been inundated with the romance of Petecia, we need to focus on the art. Yes, it’s nice to know about what makes an artist an artist, but it’s time now to take the rough heavy metal rock star and develop his work. So, if you could forward that to me, I would appreciate it greatly. I am so looking forward to getting the magazine.


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