Blooms of Early Spring
48 x 30 in.
Available from the artist

Just try to keep up with artist Cynthia Rosen. There’s bit of gypsy in her soul. The safe bet is you’ll find her outside, plein air painting. And she generally likes to “go big or go home!”

“Working on location is the spring in my diving board! Painting in the field to limitless color, ever-changing light and the sound of a spinning world engages and challenges both perceptions and expression,” says Cynthia, who’s affirmation is “all who wander are not lost.” “I embark on a path and find, at each turn in the road new sights and inspirations, broadening my visual vocabulary. There is never an end in sight.”

While Cynthia has a background in making non-objective art in New York City, she developed a passion for painting outdoors when she moved to Vermont. After raising a family, she dived full-time into painting.

When asked about Blooms of Early Spring, she replies, “As I looked to my yet barren trees and stream bed in Vermont, I could not help but pine for the blossoms I saw from a distance while walking in NYC a few days ago. I spotted a Dogwood tree, which is a sure sign of Spring. While this painting is based on my view here in Vermont it includes the dancing white of blossoms which will soon tickle into my own woodlands up north.”

“I want this painting!” was the response of Baltimore collector Vernon Forward upon seeing the painting. “Everyone of Cynthia’s paintings are undeniably filled with energy and her generous personality.”

“When I first saw Cynthia’s work in national publications, like PleinAir Magazine, I was reminded of the expressive, palette-knife-rendered work of the late New Mexico artist Louisa McElwain. Louisa spoke of her work as expressing emotion derived from being on location, and I think that is what Cynthia seeks as well. Her work is very expressive and colorful, and the joy and exhilaration she feels is clearly conveyed to her canvas. She is a top plein artist,” says South Street Art Gallery owner and principal Alan Brock.

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Gallery Representation:
Gallery 46, Lake Placid, NY
South Street Art Gallery, Easton, MD
Helmholz Fine Art, Manchester, VT and NYC, NY
Lagerquist Gallery, Atlanta, GA
Robert Paul Galleries, Stowe, VT

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Bath County Plein Air Festival
Adirondack Plein Air Festival
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