Evening Docks
20 x 13 in.
Varnished watercolor on panel
Available through The Mission Gallery, St. George, Utah

Impressions in Watercolor: Bringing the Everyday to Life

Brienne Brown is a plein air and studio painter working primarily in watercolor. Painting near her home in Pennsylvania and traveling across the US, Brienne loves painting landscapes, street scenes, and historic architecture. Therefore, her first visit to Maine a couple years ago was like many other artists; it was love at first sight. The old boats, historic buildings, rocky shores, dramatic tides, and homespun people provided inspiration and no lack of subjects. Evening Docks was painted in the studio from a plein air sketch from Camden, Maine.

“A brief moment in time is what this painting is about. That time when the lights are getting stronger as the sky is getting darker, but the glow in the water is still bright. I love this fleeting moment and the fact that it doesn’t last long is part of the charm. While I sketched this scene, making notes on the most important aspects, I could hear the gentle laps of the water against the piers and smell the salty fresh air. Something I still hear and smell when I look at this painting. This is why I love painting and gathering information from life,” explains Brienne.

Brienne has been drawing and painting for most of her life but had never considered pursuing a career as an artist until graduate school. While studying chemistry, Brienne’s research was so time consuming that for the first time she couldn’t find time to create. Her unhappiness during this time made her realize that art was more than a hobby, it was a necessity. This was a valuable lesson. From that time on she has made art a priority in her life and instead of trying to find the time; she started to make the time to paint.

Eleven years ago, she left her toxicology job to start raising a family and began painting more consistently. Soon she was not only exhibiting and entering shows regularly, but also winning awards. Brienne has earned signature status in the National Watercolor Society, Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, and Utah Watercolor Society. Brienne’s work has been published in Splash 17: Inspired Subjects, PleinAir Magazine, Southwest Art Magazine, and Watercolor Artist Magazine. She has been invited as faculty for PACE, the annual Plein Air Convention and Expo, every year since 2016. Also, Brienne has been invited to prestigious Invitational Plein Air events, like Forgotten Coast en Plein Air Event (2018 & 2019) and Door County Invitational Event (2019).

Brienne’s passion is plein air painting with watercolor. She enjoys using the slightly controlled chaotic nature of watercolor in bringing the everyday to life. “I find beauty in everyday life, the so-called ‘mundane’. Ordinary people going about their everyday lives inspire me. I especially enjoy painting en plein air, where each painting reminds me of where I was, of the experiences I had, the sounds, smells, and the people I met. As I try and capture the essence of a scene, my paintings are always more about a moment in time than about a particular location. I enjoy sharing how I see the world.”

Gallery Representation:
The Mission Gallery, St. George, UT
The Green Drake Gallery, Milheim, PA
The State College Framing Co. & Gallery, State College, PA

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Connect with her at 801.755.4933 or through e-mail.
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