Blooms of Early Spring
48 x 30 in.
Available through Lake Placid Center for the Arts Knife to Canvas Show

This painting holds a special place in my heart. Painted after my first in-state winter through the colds of snow (for years, I wintered in Arizona) I began this painting plein air during what we refer to as ‘mud-season’ (the colors held true!). But an overnight in NYC brought a first glance of a blossoming tree announcing the advent of Spring and I brought that excitement back with me and painted. This painting is a marriage of my love of trees and the excitement of the imminent Spring that would soon fill my world. It is one of the featured paintings in a three-person show of large works, Knife to Canvas, opening at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts on August 1st.

Cynthia Rosen paints with a contemporary vision that bridges the representational world with the elements of art often associated with the Impressionists, Expressionists, Futurists and Color Field painters. Her work has been recognized for helping to broaden the Plein Air community as she 
melds her love of nature with painting images that stretch beyond the traditional, finding her unique visual voice with a palette knife.

Rosen states, “Our personal visual voices are our means of connecting and interpreting our ever-changing world. I pursue mine through improvisation while creating order. As soon as I embark on a path, I find new roadways opening up. While the size of my works vary, I have found my fascination with color and the movement a constant and in keeping with our fast moving world. The love of painting in the field to limitless color and ever changing light is engaging and challenges both perceptions and expression while the studio allows for even greater personal expression and exploration of scale.”

Streamline Art Video recently released her video Cynthia Rosen Expressive Landscape Painting – Palette Knife In Plein Air Painting. She was and is an invited instructor at the famed Plein Air Convention & Expo. She has been featured in PleinAir Magazine, Southwest Art Magazine, American Art Collector, Outdoor Painter, The Artist’s Road, with art featured in Fine Art Connoisseur. While she limits the number of events she attends she has been an invited artist to the prestigious Olmsted Invitational and Borrego Plein Air Invitational, receiving awards at both, and as of late participated in the selective Mountain Oyster Club Art Show as well as several other events, often garnering awards. Cynthia also gives several workshops each year.

Her present primary galleries are:
Gallery 46, Lake Placid, NY
Helmholz Fine Arts, Manchester, VT
Robert Paul Gallery, Stowe, VT