Endless Summer
Oil on linen
14 x 24
Available through McBride Gallery, Annapolis, MD

Endless Summer embodies much of what inspires Barbara Nuss to bring to life on the canvas…the calm and serenity often reminiscent of earlier, less hectic times. This is a consolidation from her stacks of plein air paintings from her years depicting barns, farmhouses, and other rural scenes.

Until recently, Barbara lived in the Maryland countryside surrounded by rolling hills, farms, and bucolic vistas where there was a painting around every twist and turn in the narrow roads and the small towns that dotted the land. She is attracted to the simple things: an old fence line, reflections on a pond, or even a familiar pattern of shadows. With an eye for the things we remember and savor, Barbara pays homage to the details of everyday life. She crafts her forms, creating a warm atmosphere that invites the viewers to narrate the scene with their own memories.

She is known for her popular landscape painting instruction book Secrets to Composition, which is now in its 5th printing. It features 14 easy formats for translating the landscape into eye-catching paintings, which works on everything from sunsets to trees and wildflowers.

Most recently she won Best Landscape for the painting Quiet Harmony featured in the International Guild of Realism’s Annual Exhibition at Principle Gallery in Alexandria, VA.

McBride Gallery, Annapolis, MD
Berkley Gallery, Warrenton, VA

Upcoming shows:
• Women Artists of the West (WAOW) 50th Anniversary Exhibition, Settlers West, Tucson AZ
• International Guild of Realism’s Spring On-Line Show
• National Oil & Acrylic Painters” Society (NOAPS) Best of America Small Works Exhibit, McBride Gallery, Annapolis, MD

Visit her website at www.barbaranuss.com where you will see many of her paintings and sign up for her monthly newsletter. Also visit her Facebook and Instagram.