4 x 4 in.
Acrylic on panel
Available through the artist

Chantel Lynn Barber yearns to promote the human spirit in her work. She believes that when it comes to the human race, there is more that unites than divides. There is beauty in everyone, regardless of whether they measure up to society’s definition of beauty. Not only their joys, but their sorrows too. She wants to show the beauty in the human condition.

Chantel is on a journey to capture the vision in her mind’s eye – the one blood we as humans share. And she does it all in acrylic – with strong color, energetic brushwork, light and story. Her loose style draws the viewer’s attention, visually beckoning them to wonder at the essence of life.

Chantel is a Signature Member of the International Society of Acrylic Painters. She is a member of the Portrait Society of America and The National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society.

View more of Chantel’s work at ChantelLynnBarber.com.

Selected Awards
Outstanding Acrylic – BoldBrush Painting Competition, October 2015
2nd Place – BoldBrush Painting Competition, December 2015
Finalist – BoldBrush Painting Competition, February 2017
Outstanding Acrylic – BoldBrush Painting Competition, January 2018
Finalist – BoldBrush Painting Competition, March 2019
Master Class Winner – Art Muse Contest, May 2017
Master Class Finalist – Art Muse Contest, October 2017
2017 Annual Award Winner Master Class – Art Muse Contest
Master Class Finalist – Art Muse Contest, February 2018
Master Class Finalist – Art Muse Contest, November 2018
Winner Strokes of Genius 9: Creative Discoveries North Light Books’ 2016 Drawing Competition
Winner AcrylicWorks 5: Bold Values North Light Books’ 2017 Acrylics Competition
Winner AcrylicWorks 6: Creative Energy North Light Books’ 2018 Acrylics Competition
Award of Excellence – National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society 2019 Spring Online International Exhibition
Finalist – BoldBrush Painting Competition, August 2019
Winner AcrylicWorks 7: Color and Light Peak Media 2019 Acrylics Competition
Honorable Mention – International Society of Acrylic Painters All-Member Online Exhibition, December 2019
Finalist Outside the Box Category – Portrait Society of America’s Members Only Competition, December 2019