Oil on on Canvas
30 x 24 in.
Available through Artsy

Christopher Remmers is an American painter based in the Pacific Northwest. Having studied classical painting and drawing under Virgil Elliott, he moved on to study narrative composition and design under the guidance of Tenaya Sims at the Georgetown Atelier. His work is recognized for its realistic depiction of the human form in surreal environments. His large-scale, figurative paintings explore mysticism and psychedelia through the timelessness of mythological narratives. Christopher’s work has received recognition from the ARC Salon and can be found in collections around the world. He is represented by 33 Contemporary Gallery in Chicago.

About Subversion:
Subversion started as a study for a much larger narrative painting. Christopher Remmers was exploring how to render a very specific effect of “dis-integration” of form on a technical level. At some point, the painting took an unexpected direction. The artist found himself navigating the mechanism between the conscious and un-conscious and the often-times contradictory relationship of each. There was a recognition of the undermining agenda between these parts of ourselves and the necessity to override certain conditioning in our aims for a higher goal. These conflicts become manifest in many ways, but nothing more archetypical than the battle between light and dark.