Featured Artwork: Jessica Bianco

Featured Artwork: Jessica Bianco

Fears for Humanity
80 cm x 80 cm
Oil on canvas
Available through the artist

As experienced by the viewer in Jessica Bianco’s Fears for Humanity, weaving the elements of graffiti with the classic embodiment of angels, gives the viewer a sense of clashing of realms – one of peace versus one of human conflict.

“While residing in Germany, I found the influence of graffiti to be very prominent and it’s always struck a chord with me. The ability of just a few words hitting you in both their simplicity and complexity, is truly unique. I felt compelled to merge this into a relationship of modern and classic, while emphasizing the intricacy of the times we’re living in; rife with chaos, disappointment and uncertainty.”

Jessica paints in a variety of categories and styles of fine art, living under the philosophy of avoiding boredom and repetition, and portraying the satire and symbolism of our existence. She has recently been concentrating on a collection of paintings entitled The Haunted, depicting the intrigue of the afterlife and faded memories.

Jessica is largely self-taught, driven by a lifelong passion for art, while formally educated in the medical sciences. She is an artist member of OPA and the Federation of Canadian Artists.

View more of Jessica’s work at BiancoFineArt.com.