A New Day by Jill Banks
24 x 12 in.
Oil on linen-lined panel
Available from the artist

Capturing Life in Oils

After so many months of life on hold and canceled events, September brought fresh air, plein air opportunities and a good bit of the thrill of creating that makes Banks’ impressionistic art sparkle.

A New Day came to life over two days at a friend’s farm during Paint Great Falls (in Virginia), a friendly regional plein air competition sponsored by the Arts of Great Falls, through which Banks teaches regular classes. The organization devised innovative ways to ensure the competition could go forward with artists’ safety in mind.

Paint Great Falls was immediately followed by a more challenging excursion to Telluride Plein Air for the artist’s seventh time participating in this top-notch Colorado competition as a juried artist. She repeated her #1 Top Seller status from 2018 in this year’s event that had been postponed from its usual July 4th dates. See her work from Telluride Plein Air by clicking here.

There’s joy in A New Day and the paintings created in Telluride. Actually, there’s joy to be found in the rest of Banks’ paintings – she just had to dig deeper to find it during these more isolated times.

The artist says, “I’ve always had an appreciation for the magic in life but now that’s grown tenfold. Painting at the farm, I ducked into my car during a thunderstorm, marveling at the raindrops on the windshield, then the fog, then sun bursting through glistening on puddles … and finally this. I painted all those layers over many hours so it would be there, hidden evidence of time passing and hope arriving.”

Southwest Art chose Banks as one of the “Artists to Watch…The Editor’s Choice for Up-And-Coming Talent”. She is a recently elected Signature Member of American Women Artists (AWA), Women Artists of the West (WAOW) and the Washington Society of Landscape Painters (WSLP).

She also teaches hands-on online classes via Zoom through the Arts of Great Falls with the next sessions starting the first week in October.  She was selected as one of the Top 8 Painting and Drawing Teachers in the Metro DC area by Expertise.com. Get more info on class offerings here.

To view more of Jill’s artwork and events schedule, visit www.JillBanks.com. The painting A New Day may be found here and seen at Jill’s studio/gallery at the Artists’ Atelier, 756 Walker Road, Great Falls, Virginia, by appointment via email: [email protected] or phone: 703.403.7435.

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