Comes Into The Light by Karen Ann Hitt
37 x 43 in. framed

Karen Ann Hitt’s Comes Into The Light is one of two of her winning paintings in the 9th annual Plein Air Salon monthly competition, winning the Best Oil award.

“The sense of space, which is the biggest form in a landscape, is worth five times that of any other quality” –John F. Carlson, one of two quotes you will find posted on the Artist’s easel as she paints.

Comes Into The Light the title may also be found in the Red Letters of John 3:21. This painting painted during a season that a pandemic rocked our world, and while working on this piece Karen Ann received word that a dear friend had passed away, way before their time. Therefore, the painting is an intense reflection and seeking of reflecting peace, majesty, wonder, and that sense of space in real time; back to a great peace, as imagining that truth while painting Comes Into The Light.

Sharing this complete image of the framed painting, to illustrate this artist’s commitment to the collector, and just how much each painting is invested in for them. Not only in the finest archival quality supplies, also in each Gallery delivered painting by Karen Ann Hitt is delivered in their Signature Frame; custom and handmade in the USA by Travis at Gold River, specifically for each ‘An Original Hitt’ painting. These Signature An Original Hitt frames are years in the making. They came about from a unique opportunity.

Honored with an opportunity to hand deliver an Edgar Payne original landscape cross country for a dear friend; as was traveling their way, this really was one of the safest and most convenient ways to transport this work of art. When it was unwrapped at the end of the journey, not only did the amazing painting stand out by its masterful work, but also the frame was a part of the masterpiece. It is not often you get to see the back side of masterpieces, and being with this one as it was unwrapped to re-hang in the home, could see on the back of the frame, that its frame was made exclusively and specifically for this Edgar Payne Painting, by the writing on the back. That absolutely amazed this artist that this was done several decades ago and became a part of the painting. That impression stuck. Now that my works have matured to the collectable stage of being featured, and as prepared paintings for the Gallery; after working months on paintings, frankly, didn’t want to just stick them in an ‘acceptable’ frame. The frame, in reality; though should never take away from the painting, the frame finishes the painting for presentation. It also illustrates the respect the Artist has for their collectors, not only for their painting. When first working on a signature frame with Travis, we hadn’t intended to literally make a ‘signature’ frame. My first concern was to be sure that didn’t come across as being too haughty. The graphics in this Artists signature, truly lends itself to a unique and signature corner to a frame. That in turn is how it literally framed itself out to be. So in respect, wanted to present Comes Into The Light in its full Signature framed presentation. Making ‘An Original Hitt,’ exactly that in every way; a signature, unique, valuably timeless investment by the Artist, for the collector. Meant to be a thank you for all of your considerations, sincerely so.

There is no greater honor for an artist’s than to be considered and collected. – Karen Ann Hitt – An Original Hitt

Watch for Karen Ann Hitt’s Solo Exhibit early 2021, more details will be at her website

Represented by the Hughes Gallery Inc, 333 Park Ave. Boca Grande, FL 33921 | 941-964-4273

Artist Statement
My paintings seek to capture influential daily moments, and the lasting effects these memories play on our hearts and minds throughout our lives. As an artist the passion is to reflect light, life, land, expressions as genuinely experienced ‘At That Moment…’. I paint in the hope to transport the viewer while also exposing them to the very emotion that stops us both now in our tracks to experience a view; simply, seeking with my art to bring you into viewing your own, “At That Moment…” too.

Artist Bio
Karen Ann Hitt is an award-winning artist, classically trained at Parson’s School of Design in New York, majoring in Illustration. That classic background is evident in her style, along with her love of capturing the figure and the effects of light in all of her scenes. Her paintings are noted to accentuate the effects of light, adding to their luminosity with her landscapes/skyscapes reflecting the essence of the landmark. Karen’s award-winning paintings are in private and corporate collections, such as Venice City Hall locally and nationally a U.S. President’s. Her Illustrations have been published nationally in both children’s picture books and distributed in a line of gifts.
Notably awarded: Best Oil annual Plein Air Salon May 2020 & 2nd Place Overall 9th annual Plein Air Salon Nov/Dec 2019 & Also Two time Semi- Finalist 2016, 2017; Best Landscape, WPSE National Exhibit 2016; 1st Place VAC Summerfest 2016; participant in: Oil Painters Of America 2020, 2018, 2015 National Salon Show; Best Of Plein Air exhibit, LPAPA; American Impressionist Society, Small Works Inaugural Exhibit;  Oil Painters of America Eastern Regional 2018,2017 and their 25th Annual National Show; Paint the Parks & Paint America National Exhibits, 2006 recipient of the Muses Award, Artist Member Historic Salmagundi Club, Exhibiting Memberships with: Oil Painters of America, American Impressionist Society, Plein Air Artist Colorado, Laguna Plein Air Painters Association and American Women Artists, Women Painters of the South East. She is the founder (2003) of the Venice Plein Air group and a signature member of Plein Air Florida. She is a Nationally Exhibiting & Published Artist.
Published in PleinAir Magazine Oct/Nov. 2015, June/July 2017, April/May 2018, June/July 2019, Feb/Mar 2020, Aug/Sept 2020; Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine May/Jun. 2016, Mar/April 2019, Sept/Oct 2020 and featured in PleinAir Magazine