Kevin Chambers, “Awaken” (half scale), 2016, bronze

View “Kevin Chambers: Alegoria,” an exhibition of contemporary figurative sculptures at the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art (MCMA) in Georgia.

Kevin Chambers NSS (born 1982) is an Atlanta based artist who is known for his figurative, bronze cast sculptures. While the literal meaning of a piece of art is often to simply entertain the viewer, Chambers intends to portray an underlying allegorical meaning that carries a more insightful message.

Figurative art bronze sculptures
Kevin Chambers, “Persephone,” 2019, bronze with garnets and 24k gold thread
Kevin Chambers, “Offering,” 2016, bronze
Kevin Chambers, “And This Is How It Begins,” 2020, bronze
Kevin Chambers, “Aetherium,” 2016, bronze

“Alegoria” is an expansive selection of Chambers’ bronze sculptures, which will be accompanied by complementary drawings, iterations, and maquettes, in a display that aims to elucidate the sculptor’s studio practice and artistic philosophy.

“Kevin Chambers: Alegoria” is on view until December 13, 2020. Reception, onsite programming, and all other events are still TBD due to COVID19. Please refer to for updates.

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