landscape oil paintings
Ellen Howard "Along the Path" Oil on panel, 9” x 12”

With a particular emphasis on contemporary Northern California landscape painting, The Holton Studio Gallery celebrates the beauty of nature and life in harmony with it.

“Beloved California V: 20 Painters With a Passion for Place” is on view at the Holton Studio Gallery (Berkeley, California), through December 30, 2020.

Featuring more than fifty works by twenty leading artists of the Northern California landscape:
Kevin Brown, Sharon Calahan, Bill Cone, Christin Coy, Mark Farina, Robert Flanary, Ellen Howard, Paul Kratter, Tia Kratter, Richard Lindenberg, Kim Lordier, James McGrew, Terry Miura, Robin Moore, Ernesto Nemesio, Carol Peek, Davis Perkins, Paul Roehl, Barbara Tapp, and Erik Tiemens.

“We are proud to be presenting these outstanding artists—and love framing their work,” said the gallery.

landscape oil paintings
Kim Lordier
“Rolling in California”
2020. Pastel on paper, 8” x 16”
landscape oil paintings
James McGrew
“Half Dome Overlooking Autumn on the Merced”
2020. Oil on linen panel, 10” x 8”
landscape oil paintings
Ellen Howard
“Along the Path”
Oil on panel, 9” x 12”
landscape oil paintings
Carol Peek
“Her Eyes on Mom”
2020. Oil on canvas panel, 8” x 10”
landscape oil paintings
Terry Miura
“Moonlit Bay”
Oil on linen, 11” x 14”
landscape oil paintings
Robin Moore
“Fall Moonrise Through Cottonwoods”
Watercolor on paper, 5 1/2” x 7 5/8”
landscape oil paintings
Richard Lindenberg
“Bluefish Cove, Point Lobos”
2020. Oi on linen, 16” x 8”

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