Plein air landscape paintings
Ulrich Gleiter, "A Street in Burgundy," 2020, 27.5 x 27.5 in.

Gallery 1261 in Denver has announced an exhibition of masterfully executed plein air paintings by German artist Ulrich Gleiter.

Ulrich Gleiter, “Colorful morning (Spring in southern Finland),” 2020, 20 x 28 in.

The show is a survey of recent travels throughout Europe – to French Burgundy, Finland, Portugal, and Croatia’s Dalmatian islands.

Gleiter created some of the paintings under quarantine this spring in his temporary home of four months in Finland. What was planned as an overnight stop, en route to Germany coming from Lapland, Europe’s Arctic North, later turned out as a stay until June at a cabin in the woods.

On exhibit are Gleiter’s descriptions of wilderness and scenes in quaint villages of France, all painted outside, en plein air.

Plein air landscape paintings
Ulrich Gleiter, “The Reindeer Barn, Winter Evening in Finland,” 2020, 32 x 36 in.
Ulrich Gleiter, “On a Bright Winter Day”, 2019, 20 x 23.50 in.
Ulrich Gleiter, “Olive Orchard (Croatia)”, 2019, 12 x 13.75 in.
Ulrich Gleiter, “The White Nights in Finland”, 2019, 27.50 x 20 in.
Ulrich Gleiter, “The Road to our Cabin,” 2020, 18 x 29.50 in,

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