Autumn Leaves
36 x 72 in.
Oil on canvas
$8,750 unframed

Available through the artist

As a scholarship student at the Art Center College of Design at Pasadena, California, I was trained in fine arts, design, painting, and photography. As a photographer, when I take photos, I want them to stand alone as art, but also, I have in mind the colors and composition should I choose to use the image as a reference for a photo. Autumn Leaves taken in Orange County, California where I live, is a stellar example. I love the colors of the leaves turning, and the light dancing through the leaves. When I create a painting like this, I think of Jackson Pollack and his drip paintings. With Autumn Leaves, I poured washes to tinted gamsol mixed with a little medium. Continuing to work the darks and lights, and the overall rhythm of the scene. Then drip the stems with various values of color. And finally, adding marks/motion of light and color. The piece shown is a 3ft x 6ft commission for a collector.

Most of my work is through commissions. I typically include both a photography session along with the production of the paintings. However, there is a portfolio of work for sale.

Please visit my website at Or contact me at [email protected].