Deep Promises
By Karen Ann Hitt – An Original Hitt
48 x 36 in. (56 x 44 in. framed)
Oil on linen
Available through Hughes Gallery Boca Grande, FL: 941-964-4273

Karen Ann Hitt: There is no sweeter gift on earth than being a rainbow in someone’s cloud. That is what we received as we headed sixty miles out into the amazing deep cobalt blue waters of the gulf, 130’ deep in a small 30’ fishing boat; driving full throttle to our fishing marker, rain pelting our faces, yet the sun shined, in unusually calm gulf waters with rolls of glass—not breaks and straight ahead of us directly on our course—there is this glorious view. An instant—all is well!

No matter one’s beliefs, when one looks up and sees a rainbow, peace and joy fills the air with a promise that good is ahead. That is Deep Promises. We literally had one of the best grouper fishing days we could have hoped for, fishing our limit between the four of us. So, to depict a rainbow—well…2020 behind and now into 2021—seems the perfect time to bring that rainbow into view.

A beloved Michelangelo quote shares, “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it; but that it is too low and we reach it.” Along with, “The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.”

Simply, as an Artist, the desire to reflect the awe of the ‘at that moment…’ that was given to us—even as Michelangelo shares, if only a shadow of it—it, remains a gift to be shared… And yes, look closely at the Deep Promises horizon, for on it you see just how we measure on life’s grand scale and the perspective of this glorious view. Therefore, Deep Promises, became a major Studio oil, painted from actual events for upcoming Solo Exhibit at the Hughes Gallery that opens 1 March 2021. Amidst these Covid times still being upon us, the gallery is going forth with exhibits, but no large gatherings or receptions.

Save the date, March 1, 2021; when Karen Ann Hitt – An Original Hitt, solo exhibit opens.

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