By Aiden Kringen
24 x 36 in.
Acrylic and ink on canvas

Aiden Kringen’s work is a balance between traditional realism and geometric abstraction. His goal as an artist is to encapsulate idealized beauty through a cracked or broken lens. Kringen strives for beauty through controlling and organizing chaos. For him, the process of painting a portrait or figure involves balancing between reality and abstraction, down to each single feature of the face or hand. He dissects the figure using line work, dividing between tone and texture, and then reconnects the pieces along invisible planes throughout the painting. He has a respect for the pure and beautiful human essence while accepting that it is imperfect, and therefore depicts it through fractured linework. Kringen has always had an interest in traditional realism, but within his work, he’s strived to pare it down and reassemble it along a geometric framework that fits within a modern context. Aiden resides in Graton, CA.

You can visit him, along with 100 other artists, at the Celebration of Fine Art in Scottsdale, Arizona, through March 28, 2021. Contact us at 480-443-7695 or [email protected].

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