Charcoal drawing of a motorcycle

1917 Indian Motorcycle
By Emily Copeland
Charcoal on Stonehenge Paper
56 x 107 in. | 142.2 x 271.8 cm
Available through RJD Gallery Shades of Grey exhibition

Emily Copeland has the heart of an artist and the soul of an experienced antiquer. Her lifelong love of antiques has evolved from discovering timeless treasures in tucked away shops to rendering vintage objects with mind boggling precision on the easel. Emily creates realistic “portraits” of beloved objects from a bygone era — a vintage telephone, a football helmet or a well-worn and much-loved pair of cowboy boots — all rendered in black and white with her preferred medium of charcoal. She enjoys sharing her love of vintage pieces and seeks to evoke memories of favorite items that often date back to childhood.

Emily explores the details in vintage objects and makes them the focus of each work by creating works much larger than the objects themselves, making the viewer see what may have been missed by looking at the actual piece. A pair of boxing gloves comes to life with its worn leather, cracks and creases and a vintage Indian motorcycle roars into our consciousness with the power of the artist’s exquisite technique and incredible shadings. Each work is created in black and white but somehow seems to present itself in color and draws us into a backstory of our own making.

Her works have been exhibited internationally, including London, Singapore and New York. Her solo show, “Shades of Grey” has been met with an enthusiastic response and has been extended through July 31 at RJD Gallery. See “Shades of Grey” and enjoy a nostalgic look at everyday objects that hold a special place in our hearts.