Pastel painting of a body of water and cloudy sky

Dripping in Rubies & Sapphires
By Tobi Clement
18 x 22 in.
Pastel on Anthracite PastelMat (framed & matted with AR glass)
Available through Canyon Road Contemporary Art Gallery

Dripping in Rubies and Sapphires was painted from a recent plein air study painted at the Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in Southern New Mexico. Tobi says, “the Bosque holds an intimate place in my heart; I am serenaded by the songs of the migratory snow geese and sandhill cranes, and the beauty of this refuge provides an endless source of inspiration for my work. This piece will be included in a group show, Expressions of Northern New Mexico, at Canyon Road Contemporary Art Gallery, July 17, 2021.”

Landscape artist Tobi Clement lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, surrounded by the expansive landscape and stunning skies of the Southwest. Tobi’s artwork stems from her desire to express the breathtaking beauty and ethereal quality of the light expressed in the sky. Tobi emphasizes there is a soul-grabbing intensity in the colors and an unexplainable mystery to the light and how it changes everything we see for just a short moment. It feels as if God has squeezed a tube of cadmium yellow over the earth in that moment, I feel as if I am wrapped in a divine embrace.”

For the Scottish, twilight, or as they say “twylicht” or half-light, is the in-between time when the light of day merges with the dark of night. Throughout history and across many cultures, myths declare this special time to be a brief but potent time for magic when one can cross the elusive border dividing the mundane world from supernatural realms. Tobi shared “one day the door cracked open into that otherworld for just for a moment, long enough for me to peek through, like a voyeur, into that mystical place where I captured a glimpse of a romantic exchange between the light of day and the dark of night. I was witness to their eternal love affair.”

Spellbound by this myth, Tobi strives to express in her work the mythical affair between two lovers, Light and Dark, whose brief passionate interlude evokes the breathtaking beauty witnessed in the sky during the ethereal time of twilight.

Gallery Representation: Canyon Road Contemporary Art Gallery

Upcoming Show: Canyon Road Contemporary Art Gallery
Group show: Expression of Northern NM.
Open House: July 17, 2021 10:00am-6:00pm

The Gallery hosts an all day “Open House” event with music and art demonstrations with a group of artists in the front garden. It is a festive event! Tobi will be there painting and hopes you’ll stop by for a visit.

Upcoming Workshops:

Building a Foundation: July 2 – August 1, 2021
three-day art retreat at the Benedictine Monastery, Pecos NM

Chasing the Light: September 15 – September 20, 2021
four-day art retreat at the Benedictine Monastery, Pecos NM

Tobi Clement is an internationally recognized and professional award-winning pastel artist, known for her mythical skies. Tobi’s work was featured in the annual French publication, Pratiques De Arts #50 magazine, and she is invited as one of fourteen American artists to participate in a special all-woman Pastel Exhibition: Pastel du Mondeau au Feminin Spring, 2022 in Montluçon, France honoring American Women Pastellists in an exhibition in L’Orangerie du Chateau de la Louviere. Tobi was featured in the 2020 June/July & August/September Pastel Journal with a two-part educational editorial. PleinAir Magazine featured Tobi in an educational editorial in the 2020 November issue.

She is a signature member of Northwest Pastel Society (NPS), Pastel Society of New Mexico (PSNM), and Plein Air Painters of New Mexico (PAPNM).

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