Realism art - Sharon Sprung,
Sharon Sprung, "Resting, but Complicated," oil on panel, 35 x 36 in.

Contemporary Realism Art > Sharon Sprung recently delivered a new oil painting titled “Resting, But Complicated” to Gallery Henoch. Here, she tells us her inspiration behind the title, the model, and even the textiles.

Contemporary Realism Art > On “Resting, But Complicated”


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“Resting, But Complicated” emerged from a spontaneous stream of consciousness, inspired by the need to drift away from the present for a while – a respite from temporary demands of the day to day. From this, there emerged an image of the model resting, not conscious of the world going on without her, having a moment, immersed in her ongoing inner fantasy world.

From that, I segued to thoughts of the Nutcracker Suite. In that ballet a young girl sleeps as the Nutcracker and the Mouse King battle. The Nutcracker is victorious and becomes a Prince who takes the girl on an adventure to different lands, and eventually to meet the Sugar Plum Fairy.

In this painting, the drapery and the multicolor fabrics embody the fantasy world of escape. I endeavored to bring the myriad configurations of patterns and colors to life – in contrast to my sleeping model. To me, textile design is the visual equivalent of the magic that ballet.

It was important for me to imbue the multiple shades and the drapery with a life of their own, multicolored stripes giving way to flowers and blossoms of many varieties and hues,
patterns that seem to be repetitive but can change form before us. With the use of paint texture and edges soft and hard, I enhance the movement and breath of the painting.

The image represents, to me, an escape into those objects that elaborate and enrich my life, layers of rich textiles and the movement of colors intersecting with others that create a world of richness and breadth.

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