Oil painting of a rural town in winter

Spring Valley Winter
36 x 36 in.
Oil on linen
Available through Alan Fetterman Fine Arts Gallery

ALAN FETTERMAN FINE ARTS GALLERY, located at 181 East Court Street, Doylestown, PA 18901.

“Bucks County has been my homeland for a lifetime” says, Alan Fetterman, the 63-year-old Bucks County artist.

Recognized as one the most prominent regional artists of our time, Alan Fetterman, has already left a deep creative indelible imprint on the art scene, not to mention his long legacy as a community volunteer and founding member of non-profits boards, organizations, and commissions. “Giving is a profound and wonderful action, and this community of people and leaders set a bright and mighty example. It’s an honor to be a part,” says Fetterman.

For 30 years Fetterman has survived exclusively as an artist creating about our county’s landscapes, faces, and places. “I am insatiable and completely endearing to this land and community we call home. Its wellspring waters and bright bucolic landscape is certainly worthy of reflection,” Says Fetterman. Fetterman’s artwork can be found in public and private locations all throughout the region. One public example is two huge paintings held in collection at the Doylestown Hospital in the main lobby. One of those large paintings “Doylestown at the Turn” he created from the rotunda rooftop of the courthouse in 1999. “It was pre-911 so getting on top of a pubic building with a 5-foot by 6-foot canvas was less difficult than it would be today; although permission was needed by the county commissioners, and security guards were always near just the same,” said Fetterman.

In his lifetime Fetterman has created approximately 1,200 paintings and 25 sculptures…nearly all of them are held in collections. Priced from $1,000 for a small painting to his largest to date at 8 feet x 9 feet that sold through a gallery for $50,000. Collectors say he paints from the eyes of a bright heart and kind spirit with a magical touch of goodness held inside each painting. For the last few years his paintings have included the word “Love” written within the paint. “I believe we all can agree that Love is the best of all offerings,” Fetterman notes.

Art and lifetime awards reflect Fettreman’s success. The Central Bucks Chamber lifetime achievement award, The Bucks County Community College President’s award, The Rotarian four-way test honoree, and being an honored Kay scholar at the University of Pennsylvania to name a few. He also spent seven weeks in Brazil as an Ambassador of goodwill with Rotary International, and a dozen other medals and awards. “With all of the fine honors at hand, I am most honored and grateful each and every time one purchases my art and brings it into their home. It’s a powerful honor to have one’s art in another’s home,” says Fetterman.

Alan Fetterman’s gallery is now in the heart of Doylestown located at Freeman’s Hall, 181 East Court Street, which sits on possibly the highest elevation ground in Doylestown. “After having a studio on the river bank in Point Pleasant for 10 years and in a Gristmill in New Britain along side a heavy flowing creek for 10 years, respectively, it’s now the perfect place to stay high and dry and hang my paintings and my hat,” says Fetterman. This artist is no stranger to adversity. The artist paid a heavy toll by the three consecutive floods of 2004 thru 2006 that flooded his home and studio in Point Pleasant, PA. “It’s mostly magnificent living near water, but it can surely be treacherous just the same. Surviving exclusively as a Fine Art artist is far from an easy task. Add consecutive floods to the mix and the challenges mount X- fold. Of course, a committed artist puts everything on the line each day and year in order to survive. Bobbing and weaving is a part of the passage. Dedication and commitment to one’s vision and scope remains paramount. And the riverboat gambler’s hat on my head is the perfect metaphor for surviving in ever rolling waters,” said Fetterman.

As Bucks County’s first “Artist in Residence” with a legacy of 49 one-person shows in galleries all throughout the United States, Fetterman produces work sought and collected for not only continuing the Pennsylvania Impressionist tradition, but for creating his own vibrant energetic contemporary legacy of color and composition. He’s traveled extensively throughout the Americas and abroad, living and learning cultural values and old-world aesthetics that has rendered a large creative lexicon with sculpture, poetry, prose, and music. Prior to the Covid outbreak Fetterman was in a recording studio creating original music he calls “Bucks County Rock.” My hopes are to return and complete my music once time and place allows,” he notes.

Fetterman was awarded the Philadelphia Sketch Club medal of Honor by the nation’s oldest art club in America, and has a degree in philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania, and a degree from Bucks County Community College in American Studies. He’s been featured and showcased in over 100 art venues and galleries in places diverse as Carmel, California, Twilight Park, Hudson River Valley, New York, Curitiba, Brazil, and Vero Beach, Florida. He’s a past member of New York City’s Salmagundi Club and his work and life have been profiled in dozens of magazines, columns, and books, including features in “A Bucks County State of a Mind,” “The Embraceable You,” and “Illuminate” by art historian Cathy Viksjo.

Alan Fetterman lives in Buckingham with his wife Sherrie. They have raised four children; Windsor, Brandy, Tia, and Jackson, along with nearly a dozen fine dogs…

For more information: alanfetterman.com or call 215-345-7769

The Artful Deposit, Bordentown, NJ, represents Fetterman’s art.